Dear Prospective applicants Welcome to Study in Poland:

Here is the list of the universities we assist you get admission in and As you see all of them are the most prestigious of the world.

  • Warsaw University of Technology- 522 in the world
  • University of Warsaw – 323 in the world
  • Warclaw University of Technology- 640 in the world
  • Warclaw University of Economics – on the best Economic Universities in the world
  • Adam Mickiewica Universty in Poznan – 503 in the world
  • AGH University of Science and Technology – 386 in the world
  • Lodz University- 842 in the world
  • Jagiellonian University–287 in the world
  • Pozanan University of Medical Science- one of the best in the world
  • Rzeszów University of Technology

List of more universities in Poland Link 1 Link 2

We also have given the picture of the associated web pages for University ranking to make the parents assure of the quality of Education.
They all are a top of line universities and present programs in all the fields and disciplines .

Note: All the educational programs are in English, and also note that it is time taking process so apply well before !