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Why choose AC

  • A recent opinion survey carried out among the American College students showed that they have chosen to study at American College for one or more of the following reasons:
  • The American College is well known for its transfer opportunities to many prestigious American, British, Canadian, Australian and European Universities. The College has well-established international links and many universities accept the American College students on a credit/year for credit/year basis.
  • Part of the College’s philosophy is to enable qualified students to receive quality higher education. The American College offers the opportunity for students to study at a College that has competitive fees and in a country that has competitive living expenses as compared to other European countries.
  • The American College staff provide all the necessary personal attention and guidance to every student throughout his/her studies. We feel it is very important that all students are made to feel at home from the moment they commence their studies at the American College.
  • The College is well known for the international character and diverse academic background of the highly qualified and experienced faculty most of whom have earned their qualifications from the best universities in the United Kingdom and the United States. The faculty consists of highly qualified lecturers selected on the basis of their academic and professional expertise.
  • The American College students enjoy the fact that they study in Cyprus, a crime-free country with a lovely weather, which makes it an ideal place to study.
  • The American College offers excellent facilities to all students such as laboratories with computers of the latest technology, full professional kitchen and restaurant facilities, modern cafeteria and gymnastic center and a thoroughly up-to-date library. The College emphasizes on the integration of technology in all its programs of study.
  • All students, local and international, gain the experience of being members of a very diverse international student body. American College students come from many different countries all around the world forming a unique cultural mix.