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Our foreign agents always strive to bring valid and good offers of job opportunities abroad.

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Why do you require our services?

The immigration program is designed for individuals who have exceptional personal skills and experience to compete in the global economy, to enter or stay in other and to seek and take work without having a prior offer of employment.


Do not apply to immigration authorities directly or online YOURSELF seek professional advice first.


The findings of a recent independent survey have revealed that over half of all applicants for permanent residency visas are now using an officially-recognised migration agent to process their visa application. Using an immigration agent is now the accepted and most popular way to make an application.

Australia, UK and Canada have long attracted skilled workers, qualified professionals and business persons from around the world seeking a better life for themselves and their families. It is widely thought that immigration has built these ‘new world’ lands into the prosperous countries that they are today.

However, in recent times, Government cutbacks have seen the closure or scaling back of many immigration sections at embassies around the world and at onshore offices, making it more difficult for intending settlers to obtain visa information and personalized assistance with the immigration process. Although governments remain committed to providing direct access for applicants, this has grown increasingly impractical given the nature of the complex, over subscribed immigration systems.

Increasing competition for a fixed number of places means that the immigration authorities can only approve applicants with the best prepared applications, thus creating the need for independent immigration consultants.


It is a commonly known fact that immigration systems are confusing and increasingly over-subscribed. More applicants are applying for a fixed number of places, meaning that the immigration authorities can only approve those persons with the best-prepared applications. Every year, the applications of thousands of hopeful migrants are refused or delayed due to errors or mistakes, many of which were avoidable. Hence the need for professional advice and assistance during this difficult interface between you, the individual, and a powerful, uncompromising government authority.


Many misconceptions exist about the immigration regulations. Information available from the immigration authorities and embassies often only summarizes the regulations and does not always clearly explain the conditions and entry criteria.

The immigration rules and regulations are confusing and can change on a regular basis, sometimes even weekly! From one day to the next, you cannot be sure which regulations will apply to your case.As a result, many applicants incorrectly assess themselves or apply under the wrong visa class, invariably leading to substantial delays and ultimately refusal.


The Power Prep International bridges what is commonly referred to as the “migration gap”. That is, the gap between what the government will do for you and those things that you must do yourself.

As a client of Power Prep International you will be supported by a professional organization that,

  • Deals with the Government immigration authorities on a day-to-day basis
  • Has access to the full library of immigration regulations
  • Constantly monitors changes in immigration law

The Power Prep International protects you from the risk of refusal or unnecessary delay by submitting a fully documented case on your behalf in the format requested by the relevant official authority.

We have 100% successful and positive track record of immigration cases. Till present we have send many talented and experienced individuals and families to Australia, Canada, UK, who are now settled there and are quite satisfied and happy. Our fee structure is very simple and is very reasonable. We charge our fee in installments due to the reason that it is not a burden on our clients.

TRNC: We have a few vacancies for work permits of TRNC- Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, on first come first served basis…as of 14-09-2017.