If you are finishing college , it is imperative that you  plan your further studies in line with your performance in previous studies and performance in different areas. , you mus capitalize on your strengths.

Do you decide to start your career or go to uni? Perhaps you want to explore new opportunities. You know you have to start work at some point, but when is the right time, and what is the right path? Whatever you choose, it has to be right for you. Whether you’re ready for a career right now, or in a few years, we’ve got real opportunities for those who want to learn, adapt, be challenged and grow. No matter what your background is .

If you want to go to university but are also keen to begin your career to support your self we have a plan for you to materialize this option.. The skills you’ll learn on your paid work placements while a student abroad  are extremely transferable, which means you’ll be able to work anywhere in business.

You’ll get to meet our world-class clients and work alongside  highly skilled teams. Studying at university you’ll get to experience the full time student lifestyle. But as the placements are paid you’ll have some money to enjoy it too. You’ll gain a degree, and hopefully impress  your provider  enough to secure a place on our  immigration visa scheme.

You’ll be supported through your journey with us, receiving support from buddies, mentors, people managers and peers.