Our services include International Studies work permits and immigration plan for eligible intending applicants!

For International studies we deal in almost all the famous  destinations like AUSTRALIA, CANADA, USA, UK, IRELAND, NEW ZEALAND CHINA, RUSSIA,UKRAINE, POLAND, SPAIN, ITALY, GERMANY, CYPRUS & OTHER EU COUNTRIES.

The destination we recommended to a prospective candidate is according to the circumstances of that individual, we normally see the financial budget, academic performance of the student and the uneven study gaps.

So our assessment is already at work to succeed in admission and visa.

Different countries have different admissions and visa policies we recommend the student to go the relevant links to become fully aware of the policies and requirements and hurdles and facilities offered by the destination countries.

We have a very broad network odpartners and associates in all the famous countries which is a big plus for our students in many ways in PRE & POST ARRIVAL scenarios.

All the above efforts culminate in to a guaranteed success of our students, so we have VISA SUCCESS RATE OF 99 %.

For work permit seekers our major focus is on Canada, Europe, Turkey and Malaysia.

For immigration most popular destination are Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand.