Established in 1998, POWERPREP  is a time-honored progressive company, located in the heart of metropolitan city of Karachi Pakistan and branch offices in 4 other cities such as LAHORE, FAISALABAD, GUJRANWALA and ISLAMABAD.

We are certified by British Council and formally registered company, details can be witnessed from our company prospectus.

Our vision is to deliver ethical and genuine services to students and collaborators which ultimately enable the clients to be come confident and enthusiastic and well-informed.  Our staff is consist of highly qualified and trained professionals to lead the students in a very effective manner. Our guidance and training endow our students with skills and practical wisdom essential to succeed in achieving their goal to proceed to foreign country for higher studies.

The Power Prep International is one of the few registered companies in Pakistan, who provide a wide range of services regarding education and immigration. We offer a comprehensive range of training and enrichment programs as well, which further helps us, create a very good direct contact with students who ultimately intend to go for studies abroad.

We draw over 12 years of experience in Educational Services including overseas admissions in reputed Universities and Colleges in UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, USA, CANADA, IRELAND, MALAYSIA, POLAND, TURKEY, CYPRUS, CHINA , SPAIN, TRNC, PORTUGAL UKRAINE RUSSIA ETC…

  • We are supported by the Universities / Institutions abroad therefore our students are given great attention.
  • The University / Institute faculties and international officers visit our offices regularly. This will give you an opportunity to meet an discuss your study options in Australia , New Zealand, USA UK EUROPE, MALAYSIA etc.
  • Till date, we have secured admission for 5,000 happy students in Australia,  New Zealand.and other countries.
  • We will provide you with a student and migrant list and contact details before you leave Your homeland.
  • We train our counselors and staff to ensure that prospective students & migrants(parents, family and friends) receive up to date and accurate information.
  • Power Prep prides itself is having professional staff.
  • Power Prep  handle more than 5000 enquiries every year.
  • International students & prospective migrants regard Power Prep as a popular, reliable and helpful source of information and advice about studying working and living in Australia, Canada ,  New Zealand and other countries..
  • Students / intending migrants can approach us, We assure that they will be able to identify the best University / Institute / Program / Country to suit their needs.

Our Registrations :

Government of Pakistan Registration No.0346/08

FBR National Tax No. 2154964-8

Agent ID No. 140335


POWER PREP’S Main Emphasis on:

Customer Satisfaction :

Customer service and after-sales service are the pillars of successful marketing at Power Prep International. Our business is strongly oriented toward providing service to its customers and is concerned about meeting their needs. Our main strategy is to focus our customers and to keep in mind their satisfaction with the services we are providing them. We provide our customers all the information they need from tip to toe.

Employees involvement:

We have a very supportive staff with good communication and presentation skills. They know how to represent the company and how to provide the information to our customers needed through any mode of media whether it is through internet or via telephone all the information or any query they need are being provided to them very efficiently and supportively.

Advertising and Promotion :

We are currently using newspaper and signboards and electronic media to advertise our company. We don&t have a fix customers our main focus are those customers who need to go for further studies in different countries and especially we offer services for UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, USA, CANADA, IRELAND, MALAYSIA, POLAND and CYPRUS.

Geographical Concentration :

Our company is located in the middle of the city where our customers can reach us very easily and comfortably.


A universal component of POWERPREP INTERNATIONAL marketing strategy is its content: details such as pricing, marketing mix, distribution channels, presentation of the company, and target markets, which are affected by the characteristics of the services, costs, the competitive situation, market size and growth rate, industry characteristics and perhaps most important of all, the strategic marketing objectives that are sought.

Sustainable Competitive Advantages:

  • Technical superiority.
  • Quality in providing services.
  • Customer service.
  • Adequately qualified and trained staff.
  • Name recognition.
  • Low cost.

Partner with reputed institutions abroad (ongoing) :

Sustainable Competitive Advantage Based on Low Cost Strategies.

Lower costs via :

  • Economies of scale Charge low prices to build market share.
  • Access to more viable information Use margins to increase profits.
  • Automated equipment Spend more on advertising & promotion.

This will increase the profitability of the company and focusing more on the customer’s satisfaction level.

We mainly focus on two types of customers:

  • Students and Overseas Career Seekers
  • Foreign Universities and Colleges

Target market of customers :

Our target market are the under graduate, post graduate and graduate students who want to further study abroad in a well know universities located in different countries.

Target market of Universities / Colleges :

Our main target is IRELAND, AUSTRALIA, UK, USA, NEW ZEALAND, SWEDEN, MALAYSIA and CANADIAN Institutions / Universities.

Our Product :

Our product is in the shape of students we provide them different skills and assess them in a way that they become more knowledgeable to go abroad and continue their studies.

We apply the 4 C’s of the Marketing Mix:


Providing the customer all the solution like if any one wants to go for further studies we have agreements with the universities and institutions abroad most of the time they ask for IELTS / TOEFL or OTHER APTITUDE TESTS scores so we prepare them for the prescribed TESTS and help them improve their presentation and communication skills we send their cases for assessment in the universities/ institutions abroad.


The cost is depending on their education, communication and speaking power other than this it is al so depended on the countries they want to go for further studies each case has different cost and expenses.


As our company is located in the best suitable place for the customers that is in the middle of the city, still we are expanding our company in different areas of the city and country so that our customer can easily avail our services any time, any place, anywhere.


Power prep internationals best quality is communication the employees have been fully trained to communicate to each and every customer very politely whether they are speaking in English or Urdu, we access our customer through our website, e-mails, telephone and fax.




ACCOUNT NUMBER: PK89 MEZN  0001 0401 0240 6705